Mr. Vanilla Leaves the Nest

29 Jan

Work has been kind of crappy for PH this month, so she has a few things to get off her chest.

1.  Mr. Vanilla is leaving!  Thank the lords.  As soon as this was announced (and PH held her glee inside), she was pleased when her co-workers said, “Hey PH – you would be great for that role.”  For a period of two weeks, PH thought how wonderful it would be – she would finally be one of the haves and not the haven nots. She would get accommodation, a ticket home and a significant bump in pay.

2.  This is not the case.  The Director had a think and PH did not even enter into his tiny mind as a potential candidate.  Instead, he thought of one of the other ‘haves’ – Annoying Prep School.  Annoying Prep School ALREADY HAS EVERYTHING – HOW ABOUT SHARING SOMETIMES, DIRECTOR MAN?

3.  Thus, PH spent much of last week seriously questioning whether or not she wanted to even stay at the school.  If her hard work is obviously going to go unnoticed and she’ll never be up for a promotion, because there are no ways or means to move up at the School, then what the actual fuck is the point?

4.  PH might not still be over point 3.  She had a look at various roles around town and is in the market, but is still angry no one wants to do anything for her.

5.  Still, she is delighted that Mr. Vanilla is leaving and she doesn’t have to watch him slack across campus every day.


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