Pointless meetings are pointless.

7 Feb



Troll Feet scheduled an hour today to discuss ‘preparing for the new Assistant.’  The meeting lasted all of 15 minutes and consisted of PH more or less telling Troll Feet was an idiot.  In her 20+ years of working, Troll Feet apparently has no idea what it is to ‘hire’ someone.  PH thought Troll Feet would have specific ideas, projects and plans for the new Assistant to take on.  PH thought wrong.  Instead, Troll Feet wants to focus on what will take approximately the first day of new Assistant’s day.  Literally, a tour of the building.  How to schedule a meeting.  PH didn’t even bother to hide the look of contempt and disbelief as Troll Feet wasted her time.

PH is not looking forward to babysitting someone for the next 6 months, she already has Troll Feet to look after.


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