When you try and do something nice…

6 Mar
PH is helping arrange for a ‘Family Fun Day.’  PH does not like children and does not plan on attending.  Here’s a gem from one of the most hated employees at the School.  The HR department universally cannot stand her.  Upon receiving note of a free family event, here was her response:
When I think of a family fun day, I think of an opportunity to get together with others from my workplace, to talk and share in a good time, and to provide a safe place for the children play and have fun.  In such context, I’m not sure Fun Time Place is that place; it’s ‘fun’ per say, but it’s loud, not for all aged children, and on weekends, absolutely frenetic, so much so that ‘safety’ is potentially an issue.  As a parent, I’m doubtful I would have the opportunity to enjoy my colleagues and meet new ones, having to chase after and continuously check on the whereabouts of my children In sum, I’m disappointed in the choice of venue and unclear why an outside venue, like a beautiful park, was not chosen, given the time of year and opportunity to enjoy the nice Qatar weather.
tumblr_mglq3qmPK11qkxrtro1_500Also, PH wishes her annoying colleague would plan her own fucking family fun day if it’s that important to her.

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