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11 Apr

PH hasn’t posted much about Troll Feet recently because thank God, someone else has been babysitting the craziness.

Unfortunately, Troll Feet has been part of a drama that she is constantly sharing with anyone who will listen and refuses to end.  Because she couldn’t be bothered to rent a car, or pay for one here without a loan, Troll Feet bought a car in the US like an idiot and decided like an idiot to ship it to the Gulf.  Naturally, the endeavor has taken more time and money than Troll Feet ever believed possible and that PH totally saw coming.  Guess who has to suffer?  You know it.  Every single person within earshot.



PH has to wonder…

10 Apr

…about the health and well being of some of the colleagues on her hall.  MORE THAN ONE PERSON drinks this combo:  half a mug of creamer, another ungodly amount of sugar, coffee AND carnation condensed milk.

Please excuse PH whilst she retches.



10 Apr

Professional Tarot Card Reader


PH pleads with young candidates – please resist the urge to put this ‘skill’ on your CV.

This is PH’s life and it’s happening ALL THE TIME.

9 Apr

The doors in front of her office literally slam all day long.  Constantly.  Every 2-3 minutes.  She’s reaching a point of hatefulness that will be difficult to come back from.


The thing PH thought she was going to get…

7 Apr

…is not going to be.  And PH is not surprised, not in the least.  Things just weren’t ever going to work out that way.  While PH is disappointed, she more or less saw it coming.  At the end of the day, she has a job with a decent company, can tolerate the people she works with, gets a lot of holiday and decent wage (even if it’s lacking an accommodation allowance).  PH wishes people would see her in a different way, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

PH should probably be more disappointed than she is – especially because the process hasn’t even started yet.  However, PH is nothing if not wise to the way things work.  She might actually get in the door for an interview, but in the end, she’s not going to get the job.

Even more reason for leverage…

With a new Director starting in July, PH hopes things stay as they are.