It was a nice break while it lasted…

28 May

Last week, PH enjoyed an unprecedented feat – both her (loud, constantly late) boss and Troll Feet were both out of town at the same time.  It was pure heaven.  The idyllic experience continued for 2 additional days as Troll Feet was offsite with a “boot camp” and boss took off her 5th week out of 6!

PH had almost managed to forget Troll Feet’s ways and was immediately reminded of her complete and total hate within a very short time frame.  Troll Feet came out swinging at the Director within in 3 minutes of conversing with PH.  Toys are out of the pram and PH cannot even bother to manage to care.

PH will not even delve into the ongoing adventures of Troll Feet and “her assistant.”



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