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10 Jun

PH is withholding a lot of animosity at work.  Her boss underwent surgery that kept her away and apparently from doing anything that resembled work for 3 weeks.  Before you tut tut PH for being a heartless bitch of which she is most day just know the the surgery was elective and the boss had LITERALLY MONTHS TO PLAN FOR HER BEING AWAY.  As it turns out, planning much of anything is not in this woman’s MO.  In fact, she actually was mad at PH, when PH dared to point out she had only been in office one week out of six.  PH is not exaggerating.

It’s not that PH can’t handle the extra work, it’s more that she hates when people just assume she will get things done.  Furthermore, it’s immature and unprofessional when co-workers leave dump work on their colleagues.  There are ways of going on leave or taking holiday that will not involve making your work mates want to kill you.


This ones for you!


Boss has meeting at 9AM…

10 Jun

…tells PH she will be late.  Meeting is with external people.  Boss has told PH and Nice Dad that she wakes up every day at 5:30AM.  HOW IN THE FUCK CAN SHE NOT MAKE IT TO THE OFFICE BEFORE 9:30AM EVERY DAY?  WHAT DOES SHE DO FOR 4 HOURS IN THE MORNING?!?!?

PH has 2 days before annual leave, may God take pity on her soul.