16 Jul

PH comes to a strange juncture.  Could it be the time at the School might shortly be coming to a close?

She’s been approached by a Hospital with a role to focus on recruitment.  Natch, PH nailed the interview, was invited back for a second interview and crushing that, has plans to meet the head of HR before the week is over.

The thing is, she’s not sure she wants this.  45 days of vacation?  Working 7 to 3?  Who wouldn’t want that?

Except for the soul crushing amount of money she’s not making and having to watch everyone make 4x the amount of she does without even trying and then spend it all on ridiculous things and still have to get loans on top of their ridiculous salaries, she likes the School.  There are elements of the job which make her happy.  A name brand.  A great reputation for being one of the better employees.  Additionally, PH’s Hubs has plans to move on from his role and the pair might even move country within the next 6 months.  So, why go through the effort?

She wonders what the offer will be and if all this worrying is worth anything.

Oh future, PH, I wish I could talk to you.


PH is also just a dude (figuratively).


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