4 Sep

On the topic of flashlights, PH has this to add:

1.  After picking up 2 flashlights, PH brought them to Troll Feet’s office for inspection.  Torn away from her video watching, Troll Feet examined them for upwards of 5 minutes – pausing to read the instructions and entire copy on both containers.

2.  This morning, after deliberating for the smaller device, Troll Feet entered PH’s office and asked, ‘How do you work this?’  Apparently she had been laboring over making the light come on.  PH opened the small flashlight and immediately notice that the batteries were misaligned.  Calmly explaining Troll Feet needed to line up the positive and negative charges, PH made the flashlight work and sent Troll Feet on her way.



I’m so confused.


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