Idiots first day.

17 Feb

– not writing anything down

– Troll Feet going into inane and ridiculous details

– nobody getting off their lazy asses to help with food, only demanding ‘where is the food?’

– Troll Feet wants a medal for coming in early

– Idiot’s response to everything ‘uh uh’ which sounds like she’s disagreeing with everything PH tells her

– Troll Feet dictating EXACTLY where Idiot should sit during a meeting

– as expected, Troll Feet has completely hijacked this employee – she didn’t even bother waiting a day and has introduced Idiot as ‘my assistant’

– PH doesn’t have time for this.  Srsly.

– In fact, all of above motivated PH to apply for another job at a Firm.


PH overreacts.


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