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Step Class Fail.

28 Nov

As it’s been recently stated, DP does not have the ultimate taste in recreation clothing choices.  Apparently, neither does she posses any innate ability to do step aerobics.

PH was so distracted by the young woman’s arm flails (and they were positively flailing!) that she almost misstepped  a few times.  Literally, she could not imagine someone who was further from following choreography in her life.  Smugly, shallowly, PH thinks, “I am five years older than you maybe more and I am doing an insanely better job keeping up.”  PH is weirdly competitive – this is not a good trait.

Except nothing like this and with terribly clunky shoes.


More Things PH Does Not Care About.

28 Nov

BTW, where will we put this person? Hmmm, haven’t figured that one out yet!

Who is this missive from?  You guessed it – Troll Feet!  And naturally, she does not provide a solution – that would require far too much effort!

PH could not give two shits where Troll Feet’s slave ends up sitting.  Nothing could be worse than the door slam happy location of PH’s office.

More Things PH Cannot Make Up.

28 Nov




Added to PH’s Chirstmas List.

27 Nov


PSA: These are not shoes to work out in.

27 Nov

PH recently hired a stereotype.  She is a lovely young woman.  She is Polish.  She is, to put it nicely, a bit thick and not her weight, she’s just kind of dumb.

PH in her never failing attempts to welcome people to the School invited DP to work out with her at lunch, not being able to guess what sort of wonderment of ‘work out’ gear she would see.  Look, PH respects the fact that exercise clothing can be expensive, but that is no excuse for below.

You cannot do step in these shoes. Stop trying.

We will not get into the unfortunate ‘sweatpant trouser’ scenario – that tragedy can be reserved for another day.

PH only wishes.

18 Nov


Is this week over yet?

14 Nov

Lack of preparation on your part does not precipitate an emergency on P.H.

PH is over the annoying shit and complete inability to plan the simplest of meetings on Troll Feet’s part.

Other gems?

Troll Feet commenting on Assistant Director’s ‘completely inappropriate choice of clothing’ and ‘not appreciated comments.’

Troll Feet going into a sob story about her printing and how they had to reprint EVERYTHING because THE GLASS ON THE COPIER WAS DIRTY.

Annoying Consultant coming in, asking for something last minute, changing his mind and forcing PH to continue to run around like an idiot in the morning.

The lack of preparation / proactivity from Troll Feet and Annoying Consultant to the participants of the various workshops.

Troll Feet’s sense of self on both the campus and in the department being so greatly over exaggerated.


Unpacking is for losers.

11 Nov

As mentioned, PH and her department were summarily shipped off to the back hall of the Finance team over a week ago.  As she neglected to pick up, coral, or assemble anything prior to the move, PH finds it amusing and not altogether unsurprising that her immediate boss has yet to open a box.  Literally, the woman has not even bothered so much as to open a box and find so much as a pen, pad of paper or a business card (she had to borrow all these from the department).

PH wishes she had someone she could make a bet with to see how long it will be (if ever) that the boxes remain unopened.

Because who needs documents?

Clarification please.

8 Nov

PH is recruiting for yet another role.  The people she met with clearly have never recruited before and are not good at communicating.

Case in point?  This gem.

“Best Candidate was enthusiastic, but did not have enough experience. 

We would be happy to offer her the post on the understanding that she would receive support and training to deal with the budget, planning, and event management.”

They go on to contradict themselves at least three more times.  The role is a very simple PT position.  Why are the easy ones always the most difficult?

Seating = kill PH now.

6 Nov

PH is of two minds recently.  Troll Feet has decided she’s not getting enough support mostly because she’s apparently been waited on hand and foot for the past 20 years
has requested demanded that she get an assistant to boss around.  While this will take significant annoyance off of PH, she still does not believe there is nearly enough work to keep one person busy for even 10% of the time.  However, when it comes to certain aspects of the job, PH says, ‘good riddance.’  The fact that PH will not have to care about seating for Troll Feet’s precious once a month meetings is enough to keep her happy.  If the School wants to waste money on another person, be her guest.

PH also appreciates the Director hasn’t even asked her opinion on the subject.

As PH approaches a busy week with Troll Feet, she asks you to pause and reflect on your opinions of seating possibilities.  And how the world will end if they are not correct.

Good luck, fucker.